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  • September 15, 2011 9:41 am

    You want a good cup of coffee? Yeah, well, take my advice. Don’t use a French press. Just…don’t. You know why? ‘Cause they suck. They’ve always sucked, and they always will suck. And I don’t wanna hear, “You have to measure the grounds just right” or, “You have to remember to grind them coarse” or, “You have to use filtered water.” It doesn’t matter. The coffee will make you hate French people.
    So, from now on, here at chez Rapoport, we’re serving coffee how it’s SUPPOSED to be served…um, if you’re a hosting a Tupperware party…in 1972.
    'Cause Tupperware is cool, parties are cool, and percolated coffee is the coolest.

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